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Ukulele Oscar Schmidt OU4

Every Oscar Schmidt ukulele undergoes a thorough inspection by professional technicians. At least, that’s what Schmidt (actually Washburn) claims. The Oscar Schmidt OU4 is crafted in an elegant, glossy style from select materials. In its price range, it belongs to the upper middle class.

Unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Check out the best ukulele there, maybe you’ll find another one.

The front board is made of spruce wood. The bellows, back, fingerboard and fingerboard are made of traditional rosewood.

The main designer really took care of Oscar Schmidt OU4 and went against the flow of others. This is confirmed not only by the glossy finish of the ukulele, but also by its unconventional decoration.

Oscar Schmidt OU4

An unusual ukulele inlaid with Abalone, which is mainly used to decorate high-end guitars, which actually emphasizes the exclusivity of the ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt OU4 tenor ukulele with chrome Die-Cast tuning mechanism on which Aquila strings are strung. It has the full sound that is characteristic of a traditional ukulele. You don’t have to worry about tenor as a beginner. With this ukulele, you will have an incredible amount of fun playing and will appreciate its capabilities later on.

oscar-shmidt-ou4 ukulele

Listen to Oscar Schmidt play OU4

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