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Ukulele Ortega RU-5

Ukuleles from Ortega Guitars are among the top on the market. The RU-5 is no different. Its soundboard is crafted in traditional light spruce tones with engraved motifs. The back, sides and neck are made of attractive mahogany.

Ortega RU-5 preview

The soundboard is made of spruce, which sounds quite good. The fingerboard and fingerboard are made of sonokelin wood, which is actually rosewood.

The designers have not forgotten to give the Ortega RU-5 ukulele a natural wood grain, so its surface is in the usual matte finish.

Ortega RU-5 SO

As mentioned in the introduction, the ukulele from Ortega is one of the best ukuleles available on the Czech market. It is an instrument with precise workmanship, accurate tuning mechanics and perfect sound.

Ortega RU-5 in its price category up to 100 USD will excite many players. Neither beginner nor experienced player will go wrong with Ortega and will definitely like its sound.

Ortega RU-5 ukulele

Listen to how Ortega RU-5 plays

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