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Ukulele Eddy Finn EF-1S

Ukuleles from the Eddy Finn workshop are already distinguishable from other ukuleles at first glance. This is due to the unconventional design of the sound hole, which is made in the shape of a shark’s fin. This is not the case with the soprano ukulele Eddy Finn EF-1S, which surprises with its almost professional sound.

Ukulele by Eddy Finn

The body is made of linden wood, which literally conjured sound at a very high level for Eddy. Of course, the mahogany neck also helps. The fingerboard is traditionally made of rosewood. The manufacturer also thought of small details, so the bridge and zero fret are made in imitation bone.

The surface of the ukulele is in an increasingly popular matte design, which makes the natural grain of the wood stand out well.

Eddy Finn EF-1S belonged in the price category under 2000 CZK to the top.

Unfortunately, it is no longer sold.

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