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Ukulele and guitar course

I know myself that learning to play a musical instrument as a self-taught player is not easy. That’s why I’m going to show you here online ukulele and guitar courses in Czech that will not only help you a lot in getting started, but most importantly, they are courses where you can finally learn how to play a musical instrument.

I have tried both ukulele and guitar courses and have written this article about them because I think you will find such a course useful when learning the ukulele or guitar. In my opinion, the courses are not only helpful, but they are not boring. That’s the main thing, because such a course just draws you in, entertains you and you finish it to the end. By the end of it, you will know how to play. Actually, you’ll know how to play a little bit during the course. I’ll describe the whole thing in this review. It’s a little bit longer, but it’s worth it. Trust me.

What is a ukulele course?

ArtMaster is an online course for learning various musical instruments, learning music theory, and I’ve also seen courses in Ableton Live production, piano lessons, and even drawing and ventriloquism. Well, take a look at the course offerings for yourself. I think the ukulele and guitar lessons are also suitable for children. If you’re interested, read on.

Ukulele And Guitar Courses

We are on, so I will write about ukulele and guitar courses, because these instruments are very close to each other. If only because a lot of ukulele players then switch to guitar and guitar players in turn learn to play the ukulele.

In the online courses, which I could easily call a ukulele and guitar school (how to play a ukulele), there are instructional videos that are guided by professional musicians. They will guide you through the very beginnings of playing these instruments.

I was afraid of that at the beginning, but it turned out that even a professional musician can be a good lecturer and can explain and show everything well. The videos are not like YouTube tutorials where someone quickly shows something, suggests it and you worry that you didn’t catch it and understand it.

The courses are therefore designed for complete beginners, self-taught players and intermediate players. And for older children or children with parental help. Do you belong to this group?

How does the course work?

The course is delivered online via instructional videos and tutorial sheets. Don’t worry, there’s no boring music theory here. The whole school, or rather the courses, are dedicated to playing and try to teach you how to play a song from the very beginning, because this is the biggest motivation for all beginners. Nothing lifts your spirits more than playing the whole song by yourself. I know what I’m talking about.

Ukulele course

Guitar or ukulele courses are divided into lessons. Each lesson covers something different. The lessons follow each other in turn according to the skills acquired. The lessons are well organized and do not jump in difficulty. However, you can skip between lessons as you like and need to. Likewise, you can return to the lessons at any time.

For my part, I appreciate that the videos are reasonably long. I mean, they are rather short. For me, this is an advantage, because in online courses there is no unnecessary sauce and other gossip. It goes straight to the heart of the matter – how to play it, how to hold it, how to do it. For that reason alone, I think the courses are good for kids.

Short Ukulele 2

As a beginner and self-taught ukulele or guitar player, you must have many questions: how to change chords, how to play rhythm, how to move your hand, how to strum, how to hold a ukulele? And dozens of other questions. Here you’ll get the answers with instructions.

The ukulele course, what does it look like?

The ukulele course at ArtMaster is more of a mini-course for beginners on the ukulele. But that doesn’t matter at all. The course may not be as comprehensive, but it is cheaper because of that. There are currently 10 lessons in the ukulele course with 30 videos that total 52 minutes. You can start the instructional videos whenever you want. I guarantee you will need to come back to them. If only to hone your skills. The only downside is that you need to be connected to the internet. The videos don’t download. However, you can play the course just as well on your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

How does the Ukulele Course look like
There are always a few tips in the lesson below the videos to help you play and make learning easier.

During the ukulele course you will learn to play the first 6 songs. That’s a pretty decent foundation to build on. These songs are not boring folk songs. I was really surprised that one of the songs is Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

How much does a ukulele lesson cost?

The ukulele course costs 30 USD once. For this price you have constant access (day and night) to ukulele lessons. You don’t have to pay any additional monthly or quarterly payments like in regular courses.

It’s a great ukulele course, but beware

As I wrote, the ukulele course is not that comprehensive, so it’s a good idea to buy a guitar course for beginners and intermediates. Why? Because there is more elaboration on playing rhythm, chord changes, strumming and so on. The guitar and ukulele are similar instruments with similar playing techniques. Most people I know just switch to guitar after learning the ukulele, so you’ll probably find both courses useful. At least the beginner course.

Artmaster Guitar and Ukulele Courses
This is how you can see your purchased courses in the members’ section, where they are always available to you.

Guitar course and school, what does it look like?

The guitar course is divided into 2 categories. One is for beginners and the other for intermediate guitar players. For ukulele, the beginner guitar course is plenty for you. Actually, if you are learning the guitar, the beginner’s course is also enough to get you started and in time you will add the intermediate one in which you will learn other techniques of playing the guitar.

Guitar course

The beginner guitar course is cheaper and you can try it for free for 90 days. You will have 4 lessons with 13 videos throughout the whole time. I write about it because it’s a great demonstration of the quality of the courses, the creators aren’t afraid to show it and let you see it. That’s why they are making 4 lessons available for free for 90 days. Personally, I appreciate this approach and I like it.

How much does a guitar course cost?

It is more cost-effective to purchase both courses together. So guitar for beginners and for intermediate. The price of both will be less than 2200 CZK at one time. For this price, one has constant access to a small online guitar school. You don’t have to pay any additional monthly or quarterly payments like in regular courses. Take a look at the courses yourself.

Guitar Course Price

Please note, the ukulele course must be purchased separately. Unfortunately, there is no discount for this course. However, for less than 150 USD (30 USD ukulele course, 50 USD guitar for beginners + 80 USD CZK guitar course for intermediate) you will get a lot of instructional videos and tutorials to learn how to play the ukulele and guitar. You can access the course whenever you want. It’s up to you when you want to learn. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You learn at home and at the time you want.

How does the course teach a new song?

  1. When learning a new song, in one video you will learn a new rhythm.
  2. In the second video you will learn how to correctly press the necessary chords.
  3. In the third video you will learn how to play the whole song.

It’s sensationally simple. You can teach yourself how to press chords. After all, I have a section here on Ukulelko called Ukulele Chords. You can’t miss them when you play the ukulele. I know from my own experience that rhythm and hand coordination are the biggest problems for beginners. These are things that can’t be explained very well in text, so I’m glad that these online ukulele video tutorials have been created where it’s all explained clearly and simply. It helps tremendously when learning to look at how to do it correctly.

Final evaluation

As I wrote, the courses can be purchased sequentially, so you buy the ukulele lessons first and then the guitar. If you’re having trouble playing the ukulele, then buy the beginner’s guitar course straight along with the ukulele course, as there are lots of tutorials and more detailed advice on what to do. For example, how to alternate chords, better insight into rhythms, how to strum the strings and so on. Together, the ukulele course and the guitar course for beginners cost 1580 CZK in one go. That’s a great price for learning material that will finally teach you how to play a musical instrument.

My assessment is that the courses are professionally built. The videos and texts are just long enough. Everything in the course goes nicely step by step, but at the same time, the course pushes you right into playing the songs because you learn more by doing so than you do in chord theory classes. Once you’ve played a whole song by yourself, your confidence goes up tremendously. Sure, it won’t be perfect on the first try. But that’s what playing is all about. Rehearse, repeat, learn. These classes will help you a lot and teach you a lot.

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