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Type of ukulele

Ukulele is among the most popular instruments among young musicians. It is a 4-stringed musical instrument made of wood. In worse cases, it is made of plastic. The ukulele looks like a small classical guitar. Its history dates back to the 19th century, so it is not just a fad of contemporary musicians.

Ukulelko will also advise you on how to choose. Once you’ve chosen don’t forget to check how to tune and finally learn to play ukulele chords. You can find more on this website about the ukulele.

Soprano ukulele

The most famous and widespread type is undoubtedly the soprano ukulele. It is known for its small size and specific sound that belongs to ukulele instruments. Its size is convenient not only for travelers, but also for children or people with shorter fingers. On the other hand, people with bigger and fatter fingers can sometimes have trouble playing the soprano.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, the soprano ukulele is probably the best instrument you can buy for a few hundred. Compared to other ukuleles, it certainly has the lowest price.


Length: 53 centimeters
Debugging: GCEA, ADF#B
Number of frets: 12-15

sopranové ukulele

Concert ukulele

Concert ukulele, is a bit larger than its soprano counterpart. Its length and slightly wider neck also added to its weight. The frets of the concert ukulele are a bit wider, which people with larger fingers will definitely appreciate. The concert ukulele is generally referred to as a universal instrument for players of all levels and skills. For guitar players, the concerto will be a good tool.

The size can also be seen in its sound. A concert ukulele can offer a fuller, warmer tone at a higher volume than a soprano ukulele.


Length: 58 centimeters
Debugging: GCEA
Number of frets: 15-20

Koncertní ukulele

Tenor ukulele

Tenor ukulele is the next step up from concert ukulele size. Its size reaches 66 centimeters. His body and neck are a bit bigger, so this is also reflected in his weight. The tenor no longer has that traditional sound that you imagine together with the ukulele.

The size of the tenor ukulele offers wider frets, so playing the tenor will not be the slightest problem for people with strong fingers. The size gives the instrument a relatively deeper and fuller sound with almost bass notes. The tenor ukulele is louder than the two previous instruments.


Length: 66 centimeters
Debugging: GCEA
Number of frets: 15 or more

Tenorové ukulele

Baritone ukulele

The baritone ukulele is the largest of all ukuleles. Its tuning is different from others because it is DGBE tuning. Due to its tuning, it has earned the nickname “small guitar”, which is missing 2 upper strings. So it’s good for transitioning from guitar to ukulele. The baritone has a deep, full sound that sounds similar to an acoustic guitar.


Length: 76 centimeters
Debugging: DGBE
Number of frets: 19 or more

Barytonové ukulele