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Soprano ukulele

The Soprano Ukulele is considered an icon of classic ukuleles. Its typical size reaches 21” (inches). If we convert inches to Czech measurement, we get a length of 53 cm. It is therefore the smallest of the four classic sizes and makes it an ideal travel companion. Its size is an advantage not only for new musicians or children.

soprano ukulele

About the soprano ukulele

Beginners will be interested that the soprano ukulele is tuned GCEA (or A, D, Fs, H), as well as the larger concert or tenor sizes. The main difference between the mentioned ones is actually the starting tone. The soprano has a smaller body and is shorter overall, so it must sound different than its larger counterparts. Concerto and tenor are more melodic and offer more notational options (range), but soprano has that classic round sound that makes people buy ukuleles.

Soprano ukulele for beginners

Most beginners got into playing the ukulele thanks to the soprano size, which is simply the most famous in the world. A little-known fact is that you can easily start playing the concert or tenor ukulele. If you have stronger fingers, they may offer you more comfort while playing.

Interesting facts about the soprano ukulele

The soprano ukulele has 12 frets, a length of 53 centimeters and a playing range from C4 – A5, but it depends on the tuning method. It is definitely suitable for complete beginners, children or players with smaller hands and fingers. Its small body should not resonate as much, so it will have a softer and clearer sound that will be pleasant to listen to. You can learn more about ukulele sizes in the article on Wikipedia.

Top among soprano ukuleles

If you are looking for a real Rolls Royce among soprano ukuleles, you will have a big problem in the Czech Republic, because it is not worthwhile for anyone to import such expensive instruments. Their price can climb to astronomical heights. That is why they are sold only to serious interested parties who will obligingly order them. The jewel is the Martin 5K, which can climb over 200,000 crowns. Just for inspiration :-).

Whether you are an experienced soprano ukulele player or a beginner, you will certainly find high-quality instruments in stores.