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Lanikai ukulele

The Lanikai brand has never made a secret of having its instruments manufactured in China since the beginning, because it was a cheap laminate ukulele, the company came to the forefront of the cheapest instruments. Currently, Lanikai is trying to focus on producing better quality instruments and thus gaining popularity among professional players as well

An interesting fact is that Lanikai is a subsidiary of the major harmonica manufacturer Hohner. Not only for the marketing of a large corporation, Lanikai tries to satisfy all ukulele players. Their offer includes both cheap laminate and more expensive solid wood tools with excellent workmanship. Of course, there is also an intermediate class, for beginner ukulele players.

Lanikai’s Ukulele recently underwent a massive makeover. Almost all the models that the company offered were therefore discontinued. New tool categories have been created that offer better build quality and design. The company, as one of the few, tries to innovate its tools and move their development forward.

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