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Ukulele Lanikai LU-11

The Lanikai LU-11 soprano ukulele could be described as “a lot of music for little money”. The Lanikai is characterized by great playability, good sound, and beautiful instrument tone. The LU-11 is made of Nato wood, a substitute for mahogany, with a rosewood fingerboard and fingerboard. The finish gives the impression of warm colours. Simply a classic ukulele without any fads.

Soprano Ukulele LU-11

Soprano Ukulele LU-11

One of the cheapest usable ukuleles on the Czech market. Because of its low price, it will be chosen especially by ukulele beginners, who will get for a relatively low price a quality and sonorous instrument with a quality and proven construction. Experienced players will also enjoy the Lanikai for its clear, classic ukulele tone.

The nickel tuning mechanism is strung with nylon strings that will sit and hold a clear and melodic sound once tuned. Many experienced ukulele players started out on the Lanikai LU 11. You can buy it in the shop for around 1800 CZK.

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