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Ibanez ukulele

soprano ukulele ibanez uks10 detail

Ibanes is a company with a long tradition in the world of the guitar industry. It’s no secret that this is a Japanese company that was founded in 1908. In 2009, the company started producing ukuleles as well. Of course they are doing great. Otherwise I wouldn’t write about them.

Although Ibanez does not have a tradition and experience in the production of ukulele, fans of this genre soon liked them and they tout their ukulele wherever they can.

Ukuleles from Ibanez have one peculiarity. They have a rounded fingerboard. The outward rounded fingerboard makes sense in that it should make it easier for players to play simple piano chords on the guitar. Other ukuleles have a flat fingerboard.

In any case, both beginners and advanced players will be more than satisfied with their Ibanez. These are instruments that offer a lot of music for little money.

You can read more in the article about one of their ukuleles. Ibanez UKS10 Ukulele Article.

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