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Ukulele Ibanez UKS 10

Ukulele of soprano type and size. This is the Ibanez UKS10. Its look is in the style of classic sweet-toned wood. The body of the Ibanez is made of the rare sapele (also Sapelli) wood, which is common for making fine instruments.

The Ibanez brand will be especially familiar to experienced guitarists because they make decent guitars. Well, they’ve ventured into ukuleles as well, and they’re doing great. The Ibanez UKS10 with a standard soprano body. No unnecessary extravagance.

ibanez uks10

The neck is traditionally made from mahogany and the fingerboard from even more traditional rosewood. The UKS 10 has unmistakable resonant tones for a ukulele with rising bass and mids.

The ukulele is of course fitted with sounding nylon strings that are strung on chrome tuning machines. By the way, I really like the chrome in conjunction with the darker color tones.

Looking at the edge of the sound hole, you can see how thin the front plate is. This is a good sign (for plywood) because being thin means it resonates better. This makes it have a good sounding voluminous sound.


It has a natural look with a low sheen. It can be incredibly beautiful and its notes are carried in the traditional ukulele sound.

For the price, it’s a damn good ukulele with a great sound. As a beginner, advanced musician or a lover of ukulele tones you definitely can’t go wrong with it. As a bonus, the manufacturer gives you a carrying bag with it. That always comes in handy. For little money, a lot of music. So what are you waiting for, you can’t learn to play without an instrument.

ukulele ibanez uks 10 whole body

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  1. Mám objednáno a už jen čekám až mi ho kurýr přiveze. Moc se na něj těším, protože na uks10 všude pějí samou chválu :-).

  2. Taky jsem si ho pořídila. Video nemá moc dobrý ozvučení než má ve skutečnosti samotný uke.

  3. Jednoznačně použitelné ukulele nejen pro začátečníky. Zvuk má vážně povedený vzhledem ke svojí nízké ceně.

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