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How to choose a ukulele

When choosing a new ukulele, it’s best to rely on common sense and not fall for the lowest price. So that you don’t get lost in the sophisticated offers of the eshops. And that their offers are often tricky. Ukulelko has put together a unique guide on how to choose a ukulele. First, let’s get the essentials straight.

How to choose a ukulele

Important points when choosing a ukulele

  • The ukulele is a stringed musical instrument that must meet the main prerequisite. Sound right and keep in tune. Cheap tools don’t do this. You should avoid them.
  • Be clear about the size you want. There are 4 main sizes of ukulele. Listed from smallest to largest: Soprano, Concert, Tenors and Baritones.
  • Don’t choose by brand. It is best to choose according to the quality of the material. Solid wood is the best material. Plastic the worst. Plywood is a golden middle ground.
  • It is best to choose a proven store that someone recommends to you. You can buy a ukulele online without any worries. The same warranty period applies to musical instruments as for other goods.
  • When you get a new ukulele at home, try it out immediately. Due to possible complaints.
  • Be careful of possible abrasions or cracks. Advertise such a tool immediately.

Ukulele selection by

1st place

Cordoba 15CFM

cordoba 15cfm koncertní ukulele

Concert ukulele Body: mahogany (plywood) Back: mahogany Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: pau ferro

2nd place

Fender Grace

fender grace sopranové ukulele

Soprano ukulele Body: mahogany (plywood) Back: mahogany Neck: nato Fingerboard: walnut

3rd place

Kala Ka-C

kala ka-c koncertní ukulele

Concert ukulele Body: mahogany Back: mahogany Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: rosewood

4th place

Kala Makala

kala makala

Soprano ukulele Body: agathis (plywood) Back: agathis Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: mahogany

What’s a ukulele?

The ukulele is a four-stringed musical instrument made of wood or cheaper materials such as plastic. In simple terms, the ukulele is similar to a small guitar. It dates back to the 19th century and is primarily associated with Hawaiian culture. A little-known fact is that the ukulele is the brainchild of Portuguese immigrants who introduced their instrument, the Machete (similar to a small guitar), to Hawaii. This eventually mutated into today’s ukulele. Read more about the history of the ukulele

ukulele to choose from

What to choose the first ukulele

There are four main sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone). Individual makers further customize their instruments to suit their needs, but always start from the basic sizes. When you are a beginner read first the advice for beginning ukulele players.

Most ukulele musicians start on the Soprano Ukulele because it is the smallest, and has a traditional shape and tuning. This means it is the “least” challenging to learn. Concert and tenor ukuleles, on the other hand, allow for more movement on the fingerboard due to their length. So, here you see that how to choose the right ukulele depends mainly on what you like more. For a beginner with some ambition, I would recommend a concert ukulele.

How to choose the best ukulele

Take a look at our list, which we’ve created for you by examining user reviews and feedback on various tools. From these, we’ve selected the best ukuleles. Not only for beginners, but also one that will be good for kids.

How to choose a ukulele brand

I must admit that navigating between all the manufacturers is almost a superhuman task, because there is a plethora of them. Mixed in with the original manufacturers are new brands you may have only heard of in the guitar world. So, popular brands like Cordoba, Kala, Mahalo, Darestone, Ibanez, Ortega. And I could go on and on.

Some ukuleles have a good reputation among beginners, another manufacturer is popular with children thanks to its wide range of colours, someone is popular among the musical elite of Uluru and another is dedicated to electrifying the instrument.

Where to buy a ukulele

Nowadays, the selection of ukuleles in the shops is quite varied. If your “limited” budget plays the biggest role, it is certain that you will head straight for the cheap manufacturers. Their instruments can be bought for less than 1000 CZK. Dealers have much cheaper alternatives ready to go. You can get such ukuleles in a shop for as little as 600 CZK. No one sensible will recommend such an instrument. Such a ukulele is probably cheap “junk”. At best, a toy.

Choose instruments with a price around 1600 CZK in the shop. There is no shame in buying a cheap instrument because you don’t know if you will enjoy playing it yet. If you don’t. You won’t spend much money. If you’re dead serious about playing the ukulele. Your instrument will cost at least once as much, ideally twice as much. Well compare ukulele prices at your favorite Music-city or our ukulele e-shop.

The price of a ukulele can skyrocket. However, these are high-end instruments whose value exceeds tens of thousands of crowns.

What ukuleleshop

Buying anything over the internet (from an e-shop) carries some risk. This is doubly true for musical instruments. If you ask for the opinion of experienced musicians, they will recommend that you try the instrument in person in the shop to make sure it doesn’t sound bad, to check the quality of the workmanship, to make sure it’s not badly glued together, and so on. If you’re a beginner you won’t be able to tell any of this anyway.

Buying a ukulele in an online store is not a risk because shopping has its own rules.

Goods can be returned within the time interval specified by law. So the fear that the seller will send you some unfinished goods is eliminated. Similarly, the ukulele has a warranty period where you can safely return the instrument to the seller for repair or replacement.

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