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Ukulele or guitar? Which is easier?

A lot of people usually wonder what is lighter, a ukulele or a guitar? Of course there is a clear answer and in this article I will write you several reasons why I think the ukulele is easier.

Guitar or ukulele

Is the ukulele or the guitar lighter?

Ukulele playing is easier. If you desire to play a musical instrument in the shortest possible time. The ukulele is an obvious choice, but it won’t be without work. You have to practice on the ukulele, like on the guitar.

Difference between ukulele and guitar

Ukulele is smaller than a guitar and has 4 strings. The guitar is bigger and has 6 strings. Those are the most important differences. The ukulele fingerboard is significantly shorter than the guitar fingerboard, making it easier for beginners to manipulate with their fingers. It is easier for people with shorter fingers to play a ukulele than a big guitar. But don’t take it as dogma.

Another difference is the sound. But that would be like comparing a trumpet to a piano. It’s just that the ukulele sounds different than the guitar and vice versa. The guitar has a longer fingerboard that allows players to reach lower notes.

Size. The ukulele is a more compact musical instrument that fits even in a small backpack. Traveling with him is fun.

The guitar gets tangled up everywhere, it’s big, it takes up space on your back when you travel. So when you go on a trip, you won’t have anywhere to put your backpack. It was a joke. You can travel with a guitar, but a ukulele is lighter and smaller.

Almost everyone plays the guitar. The ukulele is still an exotic instrument that not everyone can play, but I’m trying to change that with

Ukulele or guitar. What can you easily learn?

Not at all.

This is a hot topic. Many people will tell you that the ukulele is lighter, but that is not true. You may learn to play it faster, but you will have to practice diligently. I can promise you that as a ukulele beginner you will be able to master your first song in just a few hours learning ukulele chords.

For beginners, I would recommend the ukulele, because you will see faster progress on it and it will give you energy for the next practice.

Transition from guitar to ukulele

Guitarists shouldn’t have the slightest problem switching from guitar to ukulele. Yes, the chords are different, but when you’ve mastered the 6 string, you can master the transition to the 4 with the back left. The advantage is that you already know how to control both hands, so you have no problem pressing a chord with one hand and playing the rhythm with the other.

Price difference

I don’t want to get into any deductions here and analyze the quality of individual musical instruments. It is a fact that you can get a guitar for as little as 150 USD. The quality will probably be neutral. Well, no offense, but it would like to add more money.

You can get a good ukulele from around 100 USD. Sometimes even less. As with a guitar, you pay for quality.

What to choose? Ukulele or guitar

So this is up to you. You can play almost anything you can think of on the guitar. It actually works on the ukulele too, and virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro has demonstrated it several times.

Didn’t help you much?

  • Which sounds better to you? Choose according to personal preference.
  • What are your next plans? Do you want to devote more time to music, or do you want to use the ukulele for occasional relaxation at home, in nature, or elsewhere? The ukulele is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space.

So have you already chosen a musical instrument? Will it be a ukulele? Then will help you choose it, because we have an article on how to choose a ukulele for beginners.

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