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Fender ukulele

Fender ukulele - detail

Fender is a big name in the world of guitars. Therefore, it is not surprising that he caused a stir not only among his supporters when announcing the production of the ukulele. Of course it turned out well. They are experienced professionals who already have something behind them. Their ukuleles were immediately loved by both professionals and beginners.

For Fender to succeed with their ukulele they had to offer something that no one else does. His offer includes many stellar soprano, concert or tenor ukuleles, as well as electro-acoustic ukulele or instruments at an affordable price. How else than for beginners and experienced professionals.

Ukuleles from Fender have one peculiarity. Well, some of them. They have a different head shape and arrangement of tuning pegs than the ukulele is used to. I really like this design. Sure, it’s not important for playing, but it’s nice.

Fender has a long tradition of making guitars, so it’s clear that their ukuleles are of excellent quality and you can’t go wrong buying them for a beginner or an experienced musician.

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