Ukulele ยป Favourite brands of ukulele

Favourite brands of ukulele

If you are in the process of purchasing your first ukulele, you will surely be interested in what brands can be found on our market. Nowadays, there are ukes from at least two dozen manufacturers on the market, who compete in stories about the materials used and the resulting quality of the instruments. It is unnecessary for you as a beginner ukulele player to deal with all the pitfalls and traditions of different brands. In the list below, you will find companies that are easy to find in music stores, and if you choose one of the mentioned brands when choosing a ukulele, you will definitely not be stupid.

Fender – the famous guitar manufacturer started making ukuleles and it didn’t turn out badly.

Ibanez – another guitar company that started producing ukes in recent years.

Lanikai – as a beginner you should be charmed by their ukulele.

Oscar Schmidt – a very popular manufacturer of cheaper uke pieces.

Eddy Finn – Benjamin among ukulele makers from the USA.

Ohana – popular instruments among more demanding musicians.

Uluru – an Australian manufacturer whose products can be ranked among the top on the market. This also corresponds to their price.


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