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Best Ukulele

We bring you a selection called the best ukulele. This selection is compiled based on many user reviews across all stores. Be inspired by the great test and comparisons of this instrument from Hawaii.

TOP 4 nejlepší ukulele

1st place

Kala Ka-C

kala ka-c concert ukulele

Concert ukulele Body: mahogany Back: mahogany Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: rosewood

2nd place

Cordoba 15CFM

cordoba 15cfm koncertní ukulele

Concert ukulele Body: mahogany (plywood) Back: mahogany Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: pau ferro

3rd place

Fender Grace

fender grace soprano ukulele

Soprano ukulele Body: mahogany (plywood) Back: mahogany Neck: nato Fingerboard: walnut

4th place

Kala Makala

kala makala

Soprano ukulele Body: agathis (plywood) Back: agathis Neck: mahogany Fingerboard: mahogany

The ranking of the best ukuleles is an inspiring guide to choosing a new instrument. The list only includes the ukuleles that ranked most frequently and in the top positions in user reviews.

Best soprano ukulele

This is a selection of the three best-rated soprano ukulele you can buy in e-shops. The soprano ukulele is the traditional choice of beginners, but few know that its size is good enough for children’s hands.

The best ukulele for beginners

Choosing a ukulele for beginners is often the hardest part. Not only must the instrument be pleasing to the eye, but most importantly, it should not suffer from ailments such as out of tune strings, as such a mistake can often discourage newcomers from playing. In most cases, the rule of thumb is that it’s worth adding a few hundred more than regretting the money spent and the loss of passion for playing the ukulele.

The best ukulele for kids

The ukulele can no longer be made smaller, so there is no such thing as a baby ukulele. For young children, it’s best to reach for a soprano ukulele. This measures around 53 cm, so it can be argued that it is just right for a child’s hand. And what material? Plastic is more durable than wood, but wood tends to sound better. So that’s the last thing you need to worry about: Will it actually play? Best ukulele for kids.

Choosing the best ukulele is already a piece of cake. This instrument test compared mainly user reviews that are freely available in various online stores and review portals. So the goal was clear. To get an overview and find the best ukulele not only for this year.

The ukulele is a Hawaiian instrument that is gaining more and more popularity. You can learn and play it here (How to play the ukulele). If you already have your instrument, check out our great list of ukulele chords.

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  1. Dobrý den,
    chtěla bych poprosit o pomoc při výběru ukulele pro 9 letou dcerou, která je prosím vhodná pro začátečníky, případně i další příslušenství (ladička, nějaké noty, trsátko, …. )

    Předem Vám děkuji.

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