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Aquila strings for ukulele

Aquila is a proven tradition among ukulele players. It is highly likely that the new ukulele you buy will already be equipped with these strings from the manufacturer. Not only because of this, it is among the most used strings on ukulele.

Strings are made in Italy by the company of the same name. Aquila has created its own special synthetic material for the strings. Thanks to it, it was possible to combine ecologically friendly production with top-quality design while maintaining excellent sound quality.

The company has its own development laboratories where it tries to improve the production and quality of strings. At the same time, it maintains its tradition from the 17th century when it made strings from guts.

Their sound could be described as warm and rounded, but that can theoretically be said about almost all nylon strings. There is much debate, study and conjecture about which strings are best. Aquila wins these fights handily. Of course, these are just guesses, because everyone feels a little different.

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