Ukulele is

Every great musician had to learn to play first. The ukulele is a popular musical instrument that will make you a real musician. You just have to want to. Learning to play will definitely give you a hard time, but the result will be worth it. I can promise you that.

hraní na ukulele

Choosing and buying a ukulele

Read detailed guides and tips to help you choose a quality ukulele.

How to choose a ukulele | Ukulele for beginners | Ukulele for kids

How to play ukulele

Chords, hints, rhythm. Everything important to make you a better musician.

How to tune the ukulele | Ukulele chords | How to play ukulele | Ukulele Course

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Ukulele Ibanez UKS 10

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Ukulele Lanikai LU-11

The Lanikai LU-11 soprano ukulele could be described as “a lot of music for little money”. The Lanikai is characterized…

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Do you want to learn your first song on the ukulele?

What do you need to play your first song? All you need is one ukulele, two hands and two chords.

You don’t believe me? Then try it.

Chord C

C chord

F chord

F chord

The song is out

Ukulele first song on Youtube